Wecome, Survivors

Well, if any of you hotshots from Cult o’ Life News wander over here, maybe you might have some ideas? You can comment.

4 responses to “Wecome, Survivors

  1. Hi blues. Thanks for the invite. Elaine is doing the control,alt,delete thing to me. She’s moved on to delete ( she hated the link about the Polish Health Minister who was exposing the Big Pharma fraud).

    This looks like an older thread. Is there a newer one ? I only ask because there’s some info out of the Ukraine and now India about the new virus thats killing people. So will you get this message ? Or should I post somewhere else ?

    I’ll check back later to see if you got this message and then I’ll post the links for you .

    This virus situation is looking worse and worse every day. It’s really starting to look like a bioweapon now.

    PS – It looks like the hemmoraghic lung virus is now in OREGON . The guy is dying- on a ventilator after visting the Ukraine- and he tested NEGATIVE for both H1N1 and TB. ( I live just across the border from Oregon in BC ).

    Later : – )


  2. Thanks, really, hidden!!! I need some new happy thoughts. The old ones went stale, I’m afraid.

  3. openly hidden

    ahhhh! where is the sunny side of life? its always darkest right before the dawn! look for the silver lining! my god i am going outside and chain saw down some thorn trees and think happy thoughts.

  4. I simply cannot wake up decently in the morning without two cups of coffee. Where will I get coffee? I read that some varieties of Holly have caffeine in their leaves and berries.