Hypercrafting “a“

1:.0 Perhaps we may begin with this odd poem I wrote a few years ago. Followed by an exegesis:

The World began with primicrafting.
Things made by crude hand.
Things for same purposes, but in shapes differing.
Crude implements meeting crude demand.
Then came the steel machines.
Sewing machines to ease the work at hand.
All Baroque to hide the maker’s schemes.
Then masscrafting.
New patterns they would strike.
Bored engineers adrafting.
Designings different yet alike.
The artists started hypercrafting.
Paintings not by human hand.
Than Nature they were more exacting.
Dominion was what they had planned.
Complete control was by their hand.
Make Nature bow to their command.
The poor schools do mind masscrafting.
The better schools do hypercrafting.
The super-rich get primicrafted.

I’ll furnish the exegesis shortly.

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